1. this is really not meant to be offensive. I’m just curious, what do you do
    if you have to blow your nose?? you know, cause of that contour haha

  2. So I’m laying in bed with my one year old son watching this tutorial and he
    starts blowing kisses at the screen! I’m like little boy, seriously?! Lol.
    Gorgeous look though, we love your videos. 

  3. I need help from anyone that can help me. I have really oily skin and it
    doesn’t seem to matter what I use it still gets oily like I’ve tried so
    many things. Any suggestions I’ve used primer and has only made it worse.
    Please help 

  4. Great colourful look…whenever i try to use colour I always end up looking
    like a Drag-queen! More practice I guess :/

  5. Where can you purchase the Ben nye brand? Or does it have to be online? If
    so website please… and is that a face powder for all skin or should we
    choose a shade to match our skin?

  6. My girlfriends and I been loving you & your videos forever ! Love how you
    keep your own style instead of being like everyone els. Keep making amazing
    P.S. thought you should know your loved out here in Honolulu Hawaii,
    -Kapolei on the Island of Oahu ” Kou u’i loa ” that means Your very

  7. +LustreLux I just discovered you when you did the JH Favorites Palette
    review. I subscribed and have loved watching you since. Thank you SO MUCH
    for the 2nd tutorial with this palette!!! This look is gorgeous ~ Great

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