1. the saying is “eyebrows are sisters not twins” not “eyebrows are cousins
    not twins” lol ive never heard that one before

  2. Why when she had darker brows people where like “wow that’s too dark for
    you” but know that she got lighter brows people are like “ew that’s to
    light” like bitch make up your mind. That just proves people hate on her
    for no reason! bye Felicia 

  3. You should try Anastasia Brow Whiz in Taupe. It is a bit pricey but works
    amazing and you dont have to use any powders or gels over it!

  4. You should maybe look at tattooing your eyebrows back on if they won’t
    grow, you wouldn’t have to worry about having half of eyebrow when you go
    out without makeup on! 

  5. Why in the world would you waste your time commenting hateful things on a
    YouTube video? Does it make you feel good inside? If so, you are one sad
    human being. If you don’t like her or her videos, please explain to me WHY
    YOU ARE WATCHING THEM. When I don’t like something I try to avoid it. Maybe
    all you “haters” should do the same thing. Bye! 

  6. You already have a video on how you do your brows. Why couldn’t you just
    talk about your new products? So lazy with your videos. 

  7. I would be interested in seeing how they look if instead of making such a
    deep arch you connected the bottom of the front of the brow with the tail
    in a straight line. You’ll still have a nice arch but it will look more
    like you have naturally full brows. Just a suggestion.

  8. just curious, what does she do if she goes swimming or to the beach?? does
    she leave them natural, or does she fill them in? 

  9. I have a really good idea guys. Instead of complaining about the lighting
    on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO!!! I’m pretty sure you could just send her some!
    since you know, your all such perfect fucking human beings and all. Doesn’t
    she have an address for fan mail?! Hmmm…

  10. When I first started watching this channel…Sam was getting so much
    love…Now its like majority of people that watches she has something
    negative/mean to say…I don’t know exactly what the issue is, but if u
    dislike her so much then don’t watch her…I’ve subscribed to youtubers who
    I liked at first, and then for whatever reason I stop liking them…So what
    I did was I hit the unsubscribe button instead of leaving disrespectful and
    mean comments about them….I don’t know Sam and I don’t know any of you,
    but if u dislike her that much hit unsubscribe and make ur day that much

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