1. Hi amy, i once heard that shaving your face can make your makeup slide on
    soooo much easier and that peach fuzz is the cause for cakey face and
    wanted to know if thats true or not! Hopefully you answer my question & i
    love all your videos

  2. am I the only one that ends up looking like I have sideburns when I attempt
    to contour ! I own the anastasia pallet and smashbox masterclass 3 and I
    have no clue how to use em LOL

  3. I found out I’m officially having brain surgery today, I’ve been freaking
    out and this really distracted me from reality for the short bit of time.
    It helped a lot, love you :) 

  4. Loved this video!!! I am really into contouring just because of you Amy so
    thank you so much for your helpful tips!!! One suggestion I have for
    viewers is that if you cannot find that brush to contour, you can always
    use the ones from Milani blushes. It gets the job done. This is helpful if
    your trying to save for the Nars one as I am lol. Hope this suggestion was

  5. I use the urban decay de slick setting spray because I have very oily skin
    and I like it. I don’t like how my makeup looks after I’ve applied it all
    and when I use the spray it looks so much better and looks blended. I don’t
    know what I would do without setting sprays! and also I use the too faced
    chocolate soleil bronzer for contouring because I want my face to look
    slimmer. when i apply it sometimes it looks too dark or orange. I think it
    looks good sometimes though. I’ve tried the nyc one but that makes me look
    even more orange. I have fair skin well I guess it’s light to medium but
    more on the light side (I wear light neutral in tarte Amazonian clay
    foundation if that helps) and I’m more cool to neutral toned. do you think
    that the too faced bronzer is too dark? I’m not sure what other bronzers
    there are that work for light skin. thank you and loved the video Amy! I’m
    going to use your tips when I get ready for school in the morning haha. 

  6. Yesss I would a beginner’s eye makeup tutorial ! I just started playing in
    makeup when I turn 21 & I absolutely love love love it !!!! Especially
    eyeshadow looks!!!! 

  7. You mentioned how important it is to get the right foundation shade but
    unfortunately it is almost impossible for me. I am SUPER pale with
    neutral/slightly warm undertones. The closest match to my skin is L’Oreal
    True Match in W1 but it breaks me out pretty bad.

  8. And I LOVE the fact that you take in consideration that some of your
    subbies are new to make up. Some girls that I watch they jump right in and
    I become lost!! Thank you thank you thank you!
    You are gorgeous

  9. I still remember when you only had 20k subbies & look where you’re at now :D so proud babe ❤️❤️ you’re gonna be hitting 1M one day ;3 love you lots
    xD *hugs & kisses from Malaysia* 

  10. Omg you are too adorable! Loved the explanation and advice on the
    foundation to be the correct color and not darker than your skin tone lol
    p.s. Please don’t shave your face

  11. I’m not a beginner in makeup, but holy shit I wish this would have been the
    first video I watched. Your tips and references were amazing!!! 

  12. Love the in depth videos :) I have a question besides the mac paint pots
    what are the other eye primers that you like? I have a paint pot in
    painterly and I hate it so much. I feel like i need to mix it with lotion
    the apply it on my eye lids. I love drug store make up so any suggestions
    for some would be great :) 

  13. Ok I need some advice, I’m a 16 year old girl who’s had a crush on this guy
    in my English class since the beginning of this school year. He’s cute and
    super funny, and he flirts and says nice things about me. I get butterfly’s
    when I think about him, but I don’t know if this is going to go anywhere.
    What should I do? What would you do?

  14. Totally agree with you in this video! When I worked at Mac so many girls
    would want the wrong shade for them despite my advice… but whatever makes
    you happy. Great video, Amy! 

  15. Newbie here. You were recommended to me by my 15 year old daughter. I love
    makeup and everything about it, but I currently struggle with my self image
    and gaining weight due to quitting smoking. What advice would you have for
    me to help me with this issue? Please help 

  16. I’m new to your channel and new to makeup..kinda. I just purchased urban
    decay smoked and I’m trying to figure out a everyday look with it! Please

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