1. Does anyone else not miss those days? I mean the endless MySpace selfies
    that had to have your myspace number to prove you were real. All those
    “trains” you rode & thought you were the shit because you were a VIP. Also
    the eye liner, hairspray, weekly trips to Hot Topic & Sally’s, and let’s
    not forget all the jewelry, stuffed animal backpacks, and converse. 

  2. I’m actually shocked/entertained that people are stillllllllllllllll trying
    to look scene. lol. That feels like such a throw back in 2015. aaha. Ahahaha

    I love how you approached this tutorial though. ahahah. Like looking back,
    I used to watch so many scene how to videos and like…. looking back there
    were so many people that were just murdering their hair. haha. Just
    murdering their hair.ahaha

  3. Omg watching this brings back soo many memories! Really miss those days, I
    think everyone had to go through a emo/scene stage, ahahah aw if only we
    all knew how silly we looked! Good times :) great video! Haha

  4. “Yeah it’s real” OMFG I’M CRYING

  5. Lol my hair just recently started growing again. After 3 years of intense
    care, following my 2-3 years of intense scene kid shit.
    I’m so glad it was just a phase, cuz man I’d be bald by now if it kept
    going on :p

  6. Omg ambrehhh nice triy butt u totally need mor3 eyeliner if u want 2 be
    sc3n3. i use liquid i-liner that goes from my eyebrows 2 my cheekz. its
    soooo brutal and hardcor3 :3 lolz

  7. I was scene once. I’ll never go back, but I miss dying my hair. I should do
    one of these videos it was such a good idea

  8. This made me laugh. Cx My friends tell me I’m in a post scene stage. Where
    the only thing I do that’s “scene” is dye my hair, (and I guess I have a
    kinda scene hairstyle because I have the side swept bangs) and have
    piercings. My mom does my hair (and she’s a cosmetologist) and my piercings
    are professionally done. I’m 15 now so I was really too young to do any of
    this, when scene was popular, but I know a few people at my school who try
    and be scene and act the exact way you were acting in the video. Ahah 

  9. I remember my scene days 8 years ago.. I look back now and laugh my
    fucking ass off. I looked like something off the grudge

  10. So much nostalgia. I was scene back when Amber was and although I’d never
    go back, I miss it! Thankfully, my hair recovered :) 

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