1. Lex: hmm, there’s a pair of matching socks, but one has a hole in it. I can
    do one of two things:
    One, I can look around my room for another pair of socks.
    Two, *grabs body pain* *fills in hole with black body pain*

    We know what you would choose Lex XD

  2. I love that you talked a lot more in this video other than just strictly
    about the sock makeup! hearing about being a makeup artist and what entails
    is really awesome!

  3. So, are you a professional body painter? I assumed you only did it on
    yourself for youtube videos. Painting other people would be an awesome job.
    I’ve seen some epic painted people! I liked seeing you do a different body
    part btw!

  4. What I learned on YouTube today was… how to paint, le sock.
    Oh God, I love you Lex, you’re such a dork. <3

  5. I can’t think of anyone else who would look at a sock and think ‘I’m
    totally going to try and paint one of these of my foot’ haha.
    Super cool tutorial, very unique :P 

  6. Oh my god. For the longest time, I thought that it was a monster’s face
    (whites of eyes, and teeth). But then I realized that I’m an idiot xD

  7. lex…. instead of complicating yourself and painting it like backwards why
    didn’t you just copy the same sock of the same foot?

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