1. Not to mention beyond the fact that you couldn’t have come up with a more
    racist name for the trick besides calling it freaking Chinky Nollie,
    instead of teaching kids garbage “new” “tricks” that are really just
    existing tricks you’ve decided to rename, then proceed to do it sloppy
    enough so it looks different and easy, maybe we can teach kids how to
    actually skate. A sloppy nollie is still a sloppy nollie. Riding up a
    curb is still just riding up a curb. Stop renaming tricks for views and go
    back to teaching kids how to progress.

  2. Aaron, your slow mo is very awful, it looks like images skipping, if it
    would be more fast but like constant, it would look better i think. cheers

  3. aaron I really like you as a skateboarder but please do real tricks and
    stop making up stupid tricks and naming a nose bonk a “Chinese nollie”

  4. yeahhh…aaron.you should probably change the name of this trick.dont know
    how you came up with chinese nollie,but there may be a lot of ppl who may
    take offense…pseudo-nollie?phantom nollie?…just sayin

  5. I was wondering if deck size matters as much as it may sound. I have size
    12 feet and have a size 8 board and it feels small. Should I get a bigger

  6. I just got out of bookings.After this video i walked outside and started
    looking for a crack to practice on then a cop walked up to me and asked me
    “what are you looking for” then i replied “a big crack” . I was charged
    with intent to purchase narcotics. The only trick i learned here was how to
    end up in cuffs….Thanks Braille

  7. This trick has been around since before youtube was even a thing, wish he
    said something so people didn’t naively assume he created the trick… smh
    “we thought” my ass. If you skate at all one of your friend’s is bound to
    know the trick.

  8. Please do a Tutorial how to do that kickflip that you are always doing when
    you’re talking or explaining something, pleeeeease!!!!

  9. Wazzap Aaron love your videos I just watched all of your videos from live
    skate die and all the skate supports +Aaron Kyro 

  10. to all those whinging about his videos saying these arent real tricks, shut
    the fuck up, hes made entire DVDs, 5 or 6, hes basically covered every
    trick he can do already and more, hes done basically every grind tutorial,
    mini ramp, and flatland. what more do you fucking want? if he does ‘real
    tricks’ he’s just remaking videos hes already done! if you want ‘real
    tricks’ buy his fucking video and stop whinging. at least hes trying to
    teach us cool shit, what are you doing? sat naked on a fucking computer or
    some shit. bet most of you cant even ollie. wankers

  11. He is doing real tricks. He’s not making these videos to suffice one or two
    people. He’s broadening people’s bags of tricks and introducing them to
    “old school” tricks guys like me were doing 20 yrs ago. He’s proven time
    and time again he’s a highly skilled and we’ll rounded skater. I see people
    bash him for not doing huge stairs and gaps, but if you watch his old stuff
    he has done them. I think what he’s doing with these videos is pretty
    awesome. I wish we had stuff like this when I was and kid learning to

  12. There’s a way to do this “flat” as well.
    You do it by moving your board out in front (or back if you’re doing it
    ollie) of you and then pulling it back with the back foot (front if you’re
    doing it ollie).
    Basically, you jump while shooting the board out in a similar motion to a
    boned ollie and then you pull it back in under you, resulting in a nollie
    that doesn’t pop. Or ollie if you want to do it that way.

    Doing kickflips this way looks really cool since it looks like you’re just
    lifting off and the board flips by itself. The only sound is when you come
    down for a landing. I love doing things chinese.
    My favorite is Bunny Flip (if that’s not already a thing)
    It’s a chinese fakie varial body varial. It’s actually not that hard once
    you learn how to do chinese stuff.

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