1. Fishtail braids all day everyday!!!! …even though I suck at braiding my
    own hair all together lol – Love how quick & easy you made this! Hope to
    see you at Coachella ; D xo’s 

  2. As much as I love your fun videos, I have missed your beauty ones, because
    you make every video so entertaining to watch! <333

  3. your hair is so gorgeous, I wish I could do something like this but my
    hair’s not thick enough so I would end up having some tiny little pathetic
    braid. :’) I love how much fun you make your tutorials, they’re always so
    fun to watch. 

  4. I’ve seen so many of these videos and just been like ‘what the hell’ but
    watching your one made it easy to understand!! -Love your videos x 

  5. Quick question, (not a hate question just a curious one) but why do you
    have a little patch of blue on your scalp? near the end of the video i saw
    it and i am extremely curious xD

  6. I’ve known how to do a fishtail braid since I was a baby I would always
    french braid/fishtail braid my barbies hair lol but I still decided to
    watch this … Why… idk?

  7. Meghan this is exactly how a sponsored video should be done (in my opinion)
    and should be an example to other you tubers! (i sound like a teacher i
    know k) but seriously it’s not pushy or forced, just shows the use of the
    products :) i like it.

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