1. ‘If we put football Americans will get mad, if we put soccer the rest of
    the world will get mad, fuck it lets just put both’

  2. How to Shoot a Perfect Volley! Which football tutorial would you like to
    see next? Welches Tutorial wollt ihr als nächstes sehen? #teamfk

  3. Ihr Inhalt ist wirklich gut! Ich bin mit den Strategien glücklich! auch
    erstaunlich Bearbeitungen und Footage mit hervorragender Qualität!

  4. Your content is unbelievable, your content helps so many people improve
    their football techniques/skills!
    Two quick questions:
    1) what surface do you play on?
    2) what material are you studs?
    Keep up the great content
    - luke 

  5. Watch All The Videos From Canal, Unfortunately not understand Nothing For I
    am Brazilian and I can not speak English. More Channel is Very Good.

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