1. Heyho.
    Very very nice shots.
    But you should compare the shots to somebody else.
    The signature of the Roberto Carlos shots is, that they would fly to the
    moon, if the net didnt stop them.
    They had soooo much power, they were like a flash of light.
    Again….your shots very amazing….bot not Carlos ^^

  2. I am starting a football tournament between me and my mates can I get some
    ideas for what to name it
    It is starting spring time

  3. Thanks for making this in spanish :D it’s really appreciated but, i feel
    bad because this channel is in english and the language speaked is every
    other except english xD

  4. Ich verstehe nicht wie ein Kanal wie Ihr einer seid so oft videos mit
    anderen Sprachen macht!? Ihr seid ein deutscher Kanal und dann darf man
    auch erwarten dass dort deutsch gesprochen wird!
    Ihr werdet niemals einen englischen Kanal finden wo videos mit deutscher
    Sprache kommen! Denkt mal drüber nach!!!

  5. Thats not Roberto Carlos, you have to just hit it with power and hit it
    with the laces going outside, WHERES THE POWER GUYS? WHERES THE POWER?

  6. Step 1: Name tutorial How To Shoot Like “famous player’s name”
    Step 2: Make a general tutorial
    Step 3: Get more views

    Hahaha jk jk. Great tutorial!

  7. Roberto Carlos does not look gay when he shoots it tho ha ha lol. good
    shots be the follow through looks funny.

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