1. i cant get the rotation quite right im always 90degrees short for a good
    landing and if i flip harder i mostly just loose control, any tips?

  2. I’ve unsubbed like 4 times and I still get these videos in my feed. This
    was cool when I was 14, but I’ve outgrown this and now it’s just swamping
    my feed. Anyone know how to permanently remove this channel from my feed? 

  3. “I’m a professional skateboarder”. Honestly… If you really think you’re
    pro then you’re an idiot. If i were you I wouldn’t even accept the title
    let alone mention it in like every other video, because of all the talented
    people out there struggling to get the title of AM while they’re like 20
    times better then you… Thinking you’re pro because some guy with ADD who
    wears red shirts everyday made a retarted company that no one actually
    takes seriously. “Revive”, “Force”?? Who thinks of these names, an 8 year
    old? My question is this: Do you actually consider yourself an actual pro?
    If so it’s really sad for not just skateboarding only, it’s sad for every
    sport out there, it’s sad for the people who worked hard to get to where
    they are now no matter what sport they do. But in the end everyone just
    tries to have fun in what they do, it just bothers me that you’re calling
    yourself something you’re not (ready for).

  4. Hello i just got my skateboard and i’ve been going out as long as the
    winter gives me oportunnity to go out, just one day it rainned and my
    little brother jumped on my skateboard with some ground on his shoes, and
    you know i got kind of sad cuz my grip is kind of dirt. I used the vacum to
    try to clean it but some ground still there. Do you recomend me to change
    the grip or how to clean it? Thanks :D 

  5. Thank you!!!!!!!! Finally someone’s heard of this!! I’ve been working on
    this for a while but the flip/scoop always gets away from me. I dig the old
    skool stuff, no complys bonelesses etc.
    Thanks Aaron!

  6. I’ve never heard of this trick before O.o still cool tho! i just started my
    own skating channel and it be great if you could check me out. thanks!

  7. My name is AARON KYRO im a professional skateboarder form the san francisco
    bay area and toda im gonna teach you guys HOW TO STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE.

  8. I got this down in like 20 minutes, and I’m glad I tried it cuz it’s a
    pretty cool, yet simple trick! Holy moly though, I hit my ankles so much on
    the first few attempts! I’m bleeding so bad XD

  9. Hey Aaron nice video, it really helped me gain some more style, but I was
    wondering if you could do a “How to” video on that “Finger Flip” you did at
    the beginning of the video, Thanks for all the work you put tword your
    channel for us skaters.

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