1. OMG sinead this look is so beautiful! You did a wonderful job. Im so happy
    to be part of this collab! Lot of love xxxx

  2. Alright now I don’t know if I’m making this up or not but I can’t hear your
    happiness in your voice anymore and this is breaking my heart to the point
    where my eyes get teary. I hope you are fine but since you said that you
    were going through hard life stuff I can’t help but worry about you. You
    are more than just a Youtuber to me, I’ve been following you since my
    teenage years, I learned makeup and life stuff from you. I got over my
    shyness step by step with your help. I wish you the best in your life
    because you deserve the best. :) 

  3. As much as I love this video, and all your others, I kinda hope you don’t
    end up doing mostly high-end make up tutorials :/ Great video though :D 

  4. I love all you Irish youtubers you are all so down to earth and are a lot
    more genuine than most youtubers these days 

  5. If I want a softer natural look eye look and I’m blending do I want that
    more control or less with the blending brush (should I place my hand higher
    or lower on the brush)? Thnx I loooove your tutorials xx! <3

  6. Always so impressed with your tips !! You make it seem so simple but the
    results are always flawless!! Such a pretty look sinead !! Xx

  7. Do have any tips on keeping lipstick in place, I have a scar on my lip and
    keeping colour in place is so difficult! :S

  8. Sinead your the best I’m following you since 2009 I’m from Philippines.
    I’ve learn a lot from you! keep up fabulous work! I love you ❤

  9. Thanks for all the helpful tips Sinead, especially the ones about how to
    hold the brushes properly. Makeup artists expect us, every day ladies to
    know how to hold and use a brush….but we don’t!!! Lol! Love u and your
    channel x

  10. Finally back from my hols and catching up on all the girls videos.
    Amazing tutorial Sinead.
    All my favourite colours in MAC and Blank Canvas brushes are the bomb.
    So delighted to be in a collab with such talented ladies x

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