1. A Captain America or Loki look would be super cute! I love that you added
    you own light though, it was adorable. 

  2. This was an amazing tutorial so creative! Also iron man is my favorite
    super hero so that made this even more awesome

  3. I loved this look, especially the costume you had. I would love to see a
    Scarlett Witch inspired look please!!

  4. Why do they have to over sexualise all female characters in cosplay, I’m
    talking about the ones that doesn’t need to be not the characters already
    made a certain way -_-

  5. wow! such a cute tutorial!(: you should definitely do more avengers and
    just super heroes in general, like Spider-man. Great job Alexa!(:

  6. Spider man next Pls !!
    :3 he’s always left out of the
    avengers but not this time, so
    Pls show us your version of him !

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