1. I wish my hair would be so easy to work with, but it’s so frizzy and it’s
    always everywhere :D :D But really enjoy watching your hair tutorials :) 

  2. Hey guys, Spring is finally here and I can’t wait to share some cute
    hairstyles with you. I re-uploaded this video because youtube removed the
    first one. :( 

  3. Why are you so much important to me?
    I love you to the highest moon and back
    Would love to here your feedback 

  4. The magic of Bobby pins I use Bobby pins for everything but my problem is
    that I lose ALL of them so I can never do anything cool with my hair and
    have to buy more :-( Good video though you explain how to do it really Well
    so I can fully understand how to.

  5. The braids reminds me of a chain headband with a ribbon woven through them!
    I can’t wait to try these hairstyles for Spring. :) 

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair tutorials! They’re so easy to learn plus your
    hair is just so pretty! I wish I could do some of these styles to my hair
    however my hair isn’t that long anymore. I chopped it off and now it’s
    taking forever to grow back. Still, I love watching your tutorials and I’m
    super excited to try everything out when my hair is longer, which will
    probably take me 2 more years.

  7. You’re so sweet!!! ❤ I’ve just discovered your channel today and I
    absolutely love every single video…kisses from Italy 

  8. +Bebexo Hi, Nee! What is the best way for me to request a hairstyle? I have
    to show you a picture. A Thai actress wore it. There’s a picture on her
    instagram @mintchalida. I would love for you to re-create the look and show
    us how it’s done. You are the best and I’m sure you can figure it out.

  9. Love ur hairstyles I just wish i could do them to my hair. I was just
    wondering if u can make some tutorial of hair care products like in my case
    I’m loosing a lot of hair since I had my girl even my hairdresser told me
    is really thin. Do u know any products not just for me but for others too
    that might have this problem as well to what we can use to improve our
    growth n if possible thickness plz and thank u. 

  10. You are so talented
    How do u come up with your hairstyles
    I love your videos but unfortunately I have short hair so I cant do any of
    the hairstyles and I have African American texlaxed hair. In my opinion
    it’s hard to work with so do u have any ideas for me

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