1. Ok so ive asked you a lot of times what have u done to your lips coz they
    amazing now and idt uve seen it so m asking again please would u share to
    make a video about it ..i really need to know plz.. K bye love u :P 

  2. my January favorite is my Farsali Rosehip cleanser! it is AWESOME PEOPLE!
    it is SO gentle, and it has greatly helped balance my skin, it keeps my
    skin not dry, but not too oily, and I used to be very oily in the T zone
    and I really believe this has helped. and I love the way my skin feels when
    I wash it off, so soft and supple.. like I wouldn’t even need to apply a
    moisturizer soft! ( even though I still do!) I also think it has helped
    with acne :) Thank you for making such a quality product, I will DEFINITELY
    be repurchasing… even though it’ll take a while to run out, one small
    pump is all you need :) 

  3. You need contour always with a bronzer right? Or something else? Cause i’m
    contour always with a bronzer, maybe i do it wrong. 

  4. I love how u made it a GRWM as well….great idea! Plus it gave me an
    opportunity to see how gorg the Givenchy glow powder is!

  5. I get extremely excited everytime I see your video posted! You’re the 1st
    beauty guru that I subscribed and I absolutely love you!! xoxo

  6. If you like the Givenchy bronzer- try the TOM Ford Bronzer in Terra. They
    make it in another color, but I can’t remember the name. 

  7. Hi Farah, I just made my order and realized I misspelled my street address
    .I emailed support team will they have everything checked out ? Thanks and
    can’t wait to try it ! Love your videos

  8. LOVE this style of your faves!! And I’m sorry to hear you are in a rut, you
    seem to be the sweetest and smartest young lady! Don’t worry, ruts always
    subside luckily; take it from a person who just got out of one! i will post
    my faves in another post.

  9. Sweetie, the highlighter powders are only in mac pro or i can get it in the
    normal mac store? Remember when i said about the “follow me” i love it! Im
    addicted to ur voice and videos, ur as same as my skin tone ur eyes are
    similar too! I also love or its a must to buy a foundation one shade darker
    then me because as u said i love how i look tan, i love ur style and im
    addicted to u recently, ur such a sweetheart, and i see my self in you! The
    more i watch u the more i love u, i will definitely will buy what u
    recommended u speak my mind & style. Best wish’s and i love u. xo <33

  10. this is a neat way to do your favourites! i think it wouldnt work when you
    have more than one favourite foundation, blush, lippie, etc, lol
    i hope you dont exclude any favourie products when doing your favourties
    video in order to fit it all into one makeup look :(

    love you and your creativity though :) <333 #datglowlife 

  11. I love this type of favorites video where you do a tutorial with it! :) Ooh
    and my favorite of January had to be my Nars Sheer Glow foundation! I love
    it for the winter! And the Macs lipliner in half red! No one talks about it
    but it’s so pretty

  12. Love this Farah is a nice video. Hope you can do a valentines tutorial that
    will be great. Favorites will be Giorgio Armani luminous silk guess who
    conviced me to buy it lol you of course. I am using oil before foundation
    like the volcanic elixir and it makes a huge difference to my face because
    of the winter my skin was dry and I am combination skin but I felt like I
    had dry skin instead and totally makes a difference Love it thank you.

  13. Just bought that long wear lip stick you recommended and you’re right its
    absolutely gorgeous!!! I never would have thought to buy this without
    watching this review so thank you!!!

  14. Farah your skin looks so good. You have always been beautiful but for the
    past few months you’ve been glowing. Working out with your brows on seems
    to be working pretty well for you :P (jks)….You’re the balm dat calm :D 

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