1. he looks more like Marilyn Manson… speaking of which, can you do a Marilyn
    Manson makeup tutorial?

  2. This may sound a bit creepy, but you have really pretty hands :o I mean,
    you were super pretty to begin with, but still xP I wish I could have hands
    as pretty as yours xD my hands are really dry looking, if that makes sense.
    and I can’t fix it no matter what I try :P so that kinda sucks

  3. i feel its a good inerpretation of someone after a long time in prison like
    the joker would have done. the weird tattoos and toned body. you have no
    choice really but to work out and homemade tattoos are popular

  4. i think, even if this photo were the concept for the movie, i would be
    okay, because for me ,that was the closest they ever been to what joker is
    supposed to be~ i mean, he is not a gangster or a random drunk guy, he is
    more like a sociopath,i think the punk style fits him well, cuz he is cray
    cray and about the tatoos, almost all of then would be covered by his
    clothing so….meh, whatevs

  5. I am feeling bad now, because at first I loved this joker, but everyone
    seems to hate it. Now I’m confused *deep thoughts*

  6. I’m glad you tried the make up and I agree with you! This is NOT The Joker.
    He’s supposed to be more classy and have a better look. But the good news
    is because of the uproar from this they are changing the look again!

  7. Don’t ever quit YouTube!! Every one of your videos are entertaining and you
    are so talented, the makeup and humor combined creates an awesome channel,
    you’re like, my favorite youtuber led, LOVE YOU

  8. omg this is amazing!! u are an amazing artist and i wish i could meet u one
    day! my mom also wants to meet u cuz she thinks ur amazing! ughh its just
    my life goal to meet u! keep up the good work Lex!

  9. Ahh this is awesome! In lobe with your channel! And I figured it was just
    some way to celebrate the Joker. Totally fine with that too. :D 

  10. I’m not a huge joker fan, but I really like this concept. I read that Jared
    Leto lost a lot of weight for this role because he wanted to believably
    look like he had been in prison for a long time. That’s why he’s so skinny
    and has a lot of prison-like tattoos. 

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