1. God the difference between your make up looks and some basic beauty guru is
    insane .Your a make up wizard Nikkie !!,such a flawless job :*

  2. You are a genius! I tried your concealer trick to stop it from creasing and
    it 100% worked! I too have a deep crease below my lid and no matter how
    much I set it, it still creases. Until now anyways! Thank you thank you
    thank you for sharing!

  3. YAAAAAS MAMA WERK! Goooorrrgggeeouuusss look, can’t even, it’s like I died,
    but this look gave me LIFE. Seriously, can’t even. And I see you gurl, that
    weave is fierce! I’ve seen it a lot in tutorials lately, where’s it from?

  4. Love it Nikkie, pictures are beautiful but in the video, at the end. Your
    ” cooking method ” was so obvious! Not sure if I liked that bit.. Rest is
    beautiful though!

  5. I am for sure rooting for The Grand Budapest Hotel! Went to see it on my
    birthday back in April and I fell in love. Definitely one of my favorite
    movies ever, and I’ve seen A LOT of movies (film student hehe). Gorgeous
    makeup BTW, as always ;) 

  6. just wondering because you stated you have super dry skin at the moment,
    how does your skin not flake with the foundations or have it cling to dry
    patches since they are both matte finishes??

  7. Perfection, as always! You are the queen of highlighting! If you haven’t
    seen Whiplash, I totally recommend it, +NikkieTutorials :) 

  8. does aanyne knnowww what lighting she uses! maybe if i get the lighting she
    has i may reach the lil bit of rawness she has! :’((( haha. love you

  9. Just started my own youtube channel and began looking up makeup looks and
    well.. I am soooo glad I found yours! The makeup is beautiful, but your
    background and especially your personality made it so fun to watch! Just
    subscribed :) 

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