1. Oh Nikkie… How I love this look! Such a wearable blue makeup and I just
    so happen to have Center Stage so I might try it! 

  2. What is your favorite long-lasting foundation? I need one that lasts 7+
    hours just to get through the school day because ALL of mine always end up
    flaking, sliding, or getting patchy!

  3. I did a feel the light look a couple of videos back too how beautiful did
    she look!! You did such an amazing job I swear you can do no wrong you are
    so beautiful! Xx

  4. I LOVE you and love all the products that you use but silver dusk i don’t
    like. It really doesn’t do much in my opinion. I want to give a try to your
    holy grail becca moonstone !!!

  5. Nikki do you have any medium skin friends that you could use as a model in
    a video? I am dying to know what you could do with someone similar to my
    skin tone

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