1. hello jacklyn long time subbie and supporter of yours you are the one to
    inspire me to become a freelance makeup artist makeup is my passion and the
    other day i did a photo shoot and they loved it and asked if i went to
    school and said nope! i learned from watching jacklyn hill on youtube lol 

  2. Your blue eyes look so STUNNING with this smokey eye! Personally, I find
    you to be much more beautiful than Jennifer Lopez. I mean, duh J Lo is

    Also, please don’t ever stop filming makeup tutorials. You are my favorite
    YouTuber in this genre, and I find myself waiting for your next video to
    come out all the time! Thanks for being awesome! 

  3. Perfection Jaclyn!!! Can I say I’ve been using the Jaclyn hill favorites
    eyeshadows by Morphe..and I’ve been so obsessed. Thank you for putting all
    your favorites together. It makes it so much easier. 

  4. Is anyone an nc42-nc44 skin tone & use that Chanel bronzer ? I’ve been
    dying to buy but I don’t want it to not show up cause girl dats essspensive
    ( Kathleen voice lol) or what your favorite Bronzers my tan ladies ? 

  5. Whenever I near the end of one of your makeup looks, I check the time left
    to see the level of bloopers which are going to be happening. Whaaaa, none
    today. Sad face! Love this look though

  6. Jaclyn you should try Clinique’s Moisture Surge setting spray!! You’ll love
    it!! I used to love UD Chill Spray but this has completely replaced it for
    me. Plus it doesn’t have alcohol in it like Chill does which as you know is
    drying. Also it’s less expensive than UD and has better ingredients. I
    think people with combo skin would like it too cuz it doesn’t make you look
    greasy or anything

  7. You used the Wayne Goss brush in nr 18 with the Infatuation blush!

    I know because i have Wayne’s amazing brushes :)

    Flawless look, as always, you are the bomb.com 

  8. I am a YouTuber and recently was able to get soft box lights. I have not
    done a makeup tutorial since Ive gotten them because I find it a bit more
    difficult. Id love to see how you set up your makeup station in front of
    your lights. I have a rebel t3i so no automatic zoom during video
    recording. Do you keep your camera close to you? And how far do you sit
    from your lights? Sorry for all the questions but Id love to know :) FYI
    beautiful as always! Love from Orlando!

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