1. What’s your favourite +JenniferLopezVEVO song??? I love “Play” and “Ain’t
    It Funny (Alt Version)” is my favourite video!
    Let me know yours??

  2. you kind of look like her! weird lol. you look amazing as always, would you
    please do an updated video on your teeth

  3. This is SO PERFECT Sinead! :) Watching you do makeup is so calming I can’t
    even explain why, & you’re so so talented at it <3

  4. You did a great job recreating her look, but you forgot to state which
    color of Gerard Cosmetics lip gloss you used?

  5. Looks spot on to me…great job! I have most of these products and need to
    duplicate this look ASAP, it’s gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing! :-) 

  6. I love it when u made a sophisticated look effortlessly…. yesterday, I
    just receive my e25, lip brush n airbrush blender from blankcanvas
    cosmetics. I believe ur judgement when u recommended them and guess what? I
    love it!! the e25 has made the blending even more beautiful… I had a
    question..u probably missed it when i ask in the previous video.. If i had
    a strong pink undertone, it it possible for me to use a neutral foundation
    shades, so the pink will tone down? If not, do u have any advice or
    suggestion..?and what primer would u suggest for oily skin? xoxo

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