1. Hope you guys like this look inspired by the gorgeous Jessie J! Please
    don’t forget to “like” this video if you enjoyed it and subscribe!

  2. Nikki, you made me laugh SO hard with the “if I don’t contour I look like
    the bald guy from Game of Thrones.”

  3. you look gorgeous with your makeup ‘hairstyle’ (top knot). you should wear
    it more often. :) that big volume waves makes you look so much older! of
    course i love nearly all of your hairstyles, you do great job with your
    hair. :) 

  4. Am i the only person on who the NYC liquid liner doesnt last at all?
    whenever one drop of water touches it it goes ERRWHERE. it sucks because it
    looks awesome :( 

  5. I really wish you showed a clip of you doing your eyebrows. I don’t
    understand why you leave it out in every single tutorial, like it’s not
    important or something. Your brows are always on point and I want to see
    how you do them!

  6. You didn’t use moonstone but I wish you did!
    Moonstone is life! Noticeably a huge difference when you use it :3

  7. OMFG……dying with the blip of the “bald guy from GOT” reference. LOL You
    do not look like that, but it was hilarious!

  8. I LOVE your hair!!! Tutorial on that glam curly retro fabulous hairstyle
    please!!! P.s. Are you wearing extensions? Is so, which brand do you use?!
    Thanks girl! 

  9. You are beautiful and talented. No wonder many mentioned your name as their
    favorite channel in learning about makeup. You should get million more
    subscribers :-) .

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