1. Holy shit, I’m sitting here doing my makeup… then she says “Since I’m
    pregnant again.” My foundation brush and jaw dropped at the same time. I
    didn’t know she was pregnant again!

  2. Okay I love Jessie so no offense but is this video a joke? I cringed seeing
    the DIRTY sponge, gross. She used way to much foundation and under eye make
    up, she was literally painting her face. I can’t deal with this video….
    What a hot mess. 

  3. So gorgeous Jessie. I love your makeup looks that you do. Cant wait to see
    more. Your so relatable so it is so easy to watch your videos. What color
    was the gloss?

  4. So gorgeous, thanks for putting up this video! Yea on the pregnancy! I had
    no idea, that’s amazing ; ) does anyone know if their show will be coming
    back on?

  5. I want that shimmering skin perfector now!!! What shade do you think for
    someone with paler skin that yours? There are too many to choose from. 

  6. You’re my fav celebrity ever because I are down to earth not to mention I
    love how family oriented u are anddddd to top that off u give us amazing
    videos that undone even have to do! Appreciate it all!!!!! Love you from

  7. Youre the most humble and most naturally beautiful celeb I’ve seen! And
    your hubby is the real deal with falling in love with that as well. Miss
    your show! xo

  8. I love the look and also how fast you put it all on! I feel like I take an
    eternity and it never looks as good as I want. Beautiful

  9. One of my all time favorite beautys and makeup inspiration! So many clients
    ask to make them look like you! HA! FAT CHANCE! XO!

  10. I’ve been a fan of you since ‘Wanted’! I always blasted that song in Junior
    High lol! Your just a natually gorgeous women! Love this love you! &
    congratulations on your new baby!

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