1. I would like to suggest a look which is Grell from Black Butler. Grell
    isn’t really that scary, but his/her look is really cool and I think you
    would be able to do the look really well. 

  2. The thing i love about your channel, is although I know i would never
    replicate these looks or the fact I don’t like makeup, But i fully enjoy
    your artistry and how complex the process is, it’s completely mesmerising
    and I salute you for the skills you have acquired. 

  3. DO ANDY BIERSACK FROM BLACK VEIL BRIDES! (How he looked a while back, if
    you really are gonna do it (pleeeeeeease) knives and pens would be a great
    reference)! Pleeeeeeease! 

  4. +PinkStylist you need to do King Kasma from the movie “Summer Wars” that
    would be awesome!

  5. Could you do Mr. CreepyPasta, Creepsmcpasta or Creepypastajr :3 Amazing
    video like always, Charlie <3 You're so amazing x

  6. Got that New GTA5 mask, looks identical. Also I wear purple and green, I am
    the joker….on GTA5 online lol.

    Love your vids Charlie when you said Ello’ me and my gf almost died. lol

  7. You could literally kill someone as a completely different person then
    yourself, then wash all the stuff off your face and get away free. Mad
    skillz bruh

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