1. Hey leina! You really did an amazing job. And you are so humble about your
    liner techniques. I wish I could have done better with mine! It was super
    hard for me too! I should have used a gel liner like you did. I also love
    the look and tried to recreate it on my channel! Lots of love to you! I
    always enjoy your videos!

  2. Love it Leina!! I’m so glad you made a video on Katy Perry’s dark horse
    video! Is it sad that the first thing I thought about when I saw the video
    was how could I recreate her look?

  3. I’ve seen like a million videos on this look & they came out horrible but
    you did such an amazing job! You never cease to amaze! Xo

  4. THIS is why you’re my fav youtuber!! I love that you’re not afraid to
    experiment, and your love for makeup really shows when you push yourself to
    recreate an intricate look like this. So inspiring! Keep up the amazing
    work xoxo

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