1. This hair style is from ours and other cultures I’m sure its been around
    since before she was born. We all wore this a lot in 1979 in my city. Looks
    very nice on you though 

  2. I love this..Will definitely try.. Farah, I saw one of your instagram pic
    earlier with a braided bun, can you please do a tutorial on it? Thanks for
    your tutorials. Love you!! xo

  3. I’m sorry but I don’t think anyone can pull off this look! Just my personal
    opinion i don’t find it flattering at ALL. Still love you though. x

  4. This literally made my life easier! You explained it perfectly. Other
    tutorials I’ve watched weren’t as helpful lol thank you! ❤️

  5. these have been popular since forever and you’re acting as if khloe
    invented them. It’s annoying how people act as if the kardashians invented
    everything they wear or do smh.

  6. These are cornrows!! Not created by khloe kardashian, they have been around
    for 100s of years, not recently created, do not whitewash our culture!!!
    Please I personally love your videos but I’m quite ashamed of this one.

  7. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Farah for this tutorial. I’m no good with hair
    styling and this i managed to do! and it only took as long as the vid! xxx

  8. Hi farah .. Could you do a series of your must haves . Like THE MUST HAVE –
    brushes ,blushes. Eyeshadows , palletes etc etc .. Please please please !!
    And also if you list sime sites which have internantional shipping ..
    Because we dont have every brand available here in india.. Please please
    that would me so helpful ..
    Love xoxo

  9. This was wonderful! You honestly are my youtube idol! You have inspired me
    to start my own blog/channel! I would love if you could check it out and
    let me know what you think. It would mean the world to me <3

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