1. Just pausing the video to say THANK YOU!! You’re actually a beauty guru who
    can cater to the needs of the public, not just what suits you. You aren’t
    the average Youtube ‘quirky’ and you actually have knowledge. You don’t
    come across silly or like a young adult trying to act like a teen to appeal
    to the masses. For that reason, I watch every single one of your videos –
    beautifully constructed, with no ‘OMG CANDLES’ and all that crap that
    detracts from the makeup. Thank you, 

  2. Ok i just have to say this
    You are one of the few real makeup gurus on YouTube your makeup channel is
    about MAKEUP you Don’t do shitty diys or promote alot of sponsor shit tha
    you probably don’t like. You make tons of makeup tutorials and are uploaded
    very often, these looks are not some “over the top when will I wear this”
    tutorials, they are al easily wearable for anyone, day to night, your
    lighting is amazing your products range from affordable to expensive an
    bonus point you are a beauty with a nice down to earth attitude (from what
    it seems)

    You deserve more subscribers too bad people are too busy fangirling over
    talentless people.

    Anyways I love this look an gurl ur weave on point! I though it was your
    real hair for along time xp

  3. not only do i agree and need my hair completely out of my face doing
    makeup, but i can’t even watch youtubers do their makeup with their hair
    down, skeeves me out!

  4. if english is your second language how did you learn it? it’s so
    interesting to me lol0lol. you’re interesting!

  5. We can’t get illamasqua anymore in the USA. They’re gone. I’m fair like
    you, what would be a good contour for me? I’m very fair, but have dk brown
    hair, green eyes.

  6. You are a great talent, but I will be honest (that’s what friends are for)
    I miss your colorful tutorials. I’m tired of watching your nude lips,
    because they are made to wear color!! : ))) I would love to see a tutorial
    with daytime appropriate color ;) Thank you for everything <3

  7. so pretty! i swear, you can wear ANYTHING! i was wondering if you might
    think about doing some looks inspired by characters in your favorite
    movies. for instance, i was noticing shelly long’s makeup in troop beverly
    hills (totally random, i know) and thought that would be SUCH a fun look
    (smokey blue/gray eye makeup and copper lips)! just a thought :) 

  8. I am drunk right now… but you still managed to be my favourite MAKE UP
    artist youtuber. I learned manyy things from you and I wish all good things
    that can happen to you. You are a mekup godess. We’re looking up to you.
    And we love you support you, AM I RIGHT? :) SUPPORT YA TILL THE END OF
    TIMES! :) 

  9. Well to each there own but I enjoy your makeup looks until I heard the
    dreaded G….Dam fly out of that mouth. I’ll unsubscribe now thanks

  10. Nikki u are insane at makeup oh and I adore your personality!
    Can anyone recommend a good foundation medium coverage or full for dry skin
    that photographs amazing for my wedding and a loose powder that doesn’t
    flash back thanks xxx

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