1. La la LOVE this!! I used to think Kim was by far the most beautiful but
    holly shit, Khloe is KILLING it!! Beautiful work. xx

  2. I don’t follow the Kardashians, so when I saw the photos side by side, I
    thought she was copying your look but didn’t quite make it. Lol. Your look
    is way better! Great work.

  3. Nicely done. Your hair is looks beautiful. Did you style it yourself, if
    so, can you do a tutorial? You look a lot like Eva Longoria in certain

  4. This look is spot on!! Scrolling through my feed, I had no idea one pic was
    of you and one was Khloe! I totally had to do a double take!! Killing it
    girl, killing it!

  5. I just realized who you remind me of! If Romy and Michelle did makeup, they
    would sound like you! I love Romy and Michelle! And i love you lustrelux!!
    Great video again! 

  6. Do you know if studio fix fluid breaks people out? I have sensitive skin
    and I’m super oily, but I need long wearing and full coverage. 

  7. How do you feel your skin is now after using the spironolactone? I know in
    that video you said you felts like I clogged your pores but how is it now?
    Please please do another update!!!! Love all your videos and thanks for
    making one like every other day. Such dedication!!! Would die for you to do
    my makeup!! 

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