1. mask of the third man and Apotheosis veil give you full health back with
    one orb pick up so they are ideal as well. a titan for a bubble isn’t a
    must by any means, it just makes it easier.

  2. we were doing this last night for HOURS and we were trying this technique.
    the issue we were having was that the sword was disappearing well before we
    could get a third shot. it felt like we were moving hella quick with damn
    near perfect timing. how did you get three downs on Crota with the sword
    still up? hell of a good video though man. nice upload.

  3. as i loaded the vudeo my first thought was “well this us gunna be a
    rickroll” then the opening theme came on and im like ” still a troll just
    not rickroll” thank god i kept watching. awesome vid

  4. anyone wanting to do this ? msg me on xbox 1/360 ‘milosuperspesh’ i’m
    mainly on the xbone though !

    only level 31 on all chars, need more shards for 32 warlock! Also need
    gauntlets /chest piece for hunter, need chest piece on titan.

    weapons: fatebringer v2, icebreaker v2, dragons breath (331), no land
    beyond 331 (no upgrades), super good advice v2 (no upgrades), truth v2,
    hunger of crota, oversoul pulse rifle, suros regime v2 (few upgrades),
    timurs lash v2. murmur, vision of confluence, plan c v2 (not upgraded),
    some other legendary rpgs,

    also anyone wanting to do nightfalls/weekly heroics/ the odd daily can add
    me, done them this week but can help out people who are stuck, must have a
    mic and patience when raiding :P uk / gmt time varies on the day, but i’ll
    get back to you :)

    all chars have all subclasses maxed out.

    if you’ve met me online and i died a lot, my answer is ‘sh!t happens’ when
    you’re against better players with better guns, but i learn quick :) 

  5. We’re currently doing this but can’t seem to get the third one in even
    though I pick up the sword instantly when it drops.

  6. What a great method here guys! Faceless, could you do a follow up on titan
    ward of dawn placement location? Prior to starting the spawning, run over
    and give some idea on the spot they drop it? 

  7. How did the defender titan not get fucked up by the boomers on the right
    while inside the bubble? Do they not come in?

  8. How are you getting a slam in so quick? I’ve got the method down but we
    need to get his health down more with each sword drop. 

  9. Didn’t know the middle on the ledge was possible. Now on normal mode
    (since I’m still 31) this will be a piece of cake now! Thanks for the
    video mate, keep up the good work!

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