Kylie Jenner Inspired 90s Makeup Tutorial (Decades Collab) | Melanie Murphy

This is part of a collab with some other YouTubers, who each took a decade to inspire a makeup look. Open for links! And thumbs up if you like my 90s look inspired by Kylie Jenner’s amazing…


  1. I am having a lot of fun with makeup recently and want to start doing way
    more makeup videos! Let me know any requests you guys have…I want to do a
    Vikings inspired one, a Game of Thrones inspired one and I’ve been asked a
    few times to do Arwen from LOTR! But if there’s anything more mainstream
    yous would love to see PLEASE let me know! x

  2. THE MAKEUP IS FLAWLESS! You are absolutely gorgeous!!

    *I would like to invite you to my channel*. I am not a normal ‘beauty
    guru’.. *I make my videos quick, creative and really edited.* I hope they
    make you smile :) 

  3. OMG OMG OMG! I was scrowling through tumblr and I saw the thumbnail of the
    video and I just thought WOW this girl is gorgeous! And then I looked at
    channel name and I realized it was you! You look so different with this
    look (In a wonderful way ♥) so pretty *-* Please make more videos like this
    I just simply love them ♥ 

  4. Chloe Morello and a bunch of other youtubers did this a year ago, and Chloe
    Morello also use Kylie Jenner as an inspiration for the 90s, so I was
    hoping you would do something different… Great tutorial anyways, quite
    different from hers and more wearable for the current time! Keep up the
    amazing work, but please no more Kylie!! :p

  5. LOVE the 90′s look. I was born in the mid 80′s so remember the 90′s makeup
    well. The early Friends, Party of Five, those supermodels. Would love to
    see more makeup looks Mel! 

  6. Such a fun collab, I love Alo’s videos already! But I will check out the
    other girls too :)
    I need that Eastend Snob lip pencil IN MY LYF it looks so good 

  7. I love your videos Melanie, they’ve helped me with my skin so much and
    you’re just such a lovely person! Thank you x

  8. I’m the mamma of the Kinsella Bunch, and I must say I love watching your
    videos, I found you about 1 year ago when searching for make up tutorial
    for covering acne, ever since I watch your videos now and then. I am a
    mamma that knows nothing about make up, and I feel that more a try worse it I will keep on watching and trying new things. You seem to be such
    a nice, down to earth person. Love your channel. Bless you!

  9. I love how the 90s makeup is back on trend! It was such an era for earthy
    tones & really just suits everyone! I was still rocking some fairly brown
    toned lipsticks in the early noughties a la Rachel Green! Really suits you

  10. GORGEOUS! I need that lip color, hehe did you get the RT Bold metals
    collection yet?? haha your comment about that still cracks me up!!

  11. So seriously…. You look amazing girl <3 <3 <3 And I liked the way you
    filmed this. I guess you set the camera with a low aperture? I love that
    effect, but I don't see it in a lot of filming here on YouTube.
    Have a brilliant day :D Xx :) 

  12. Instead of Kylie Jenner, I think it would have been better to pick someone
    who was very popular in the 90′s. I don’t understand why she’s so prominent

  13. Gorgeous Makeup Look Melanie <3 can't get enough of it! Loved watching
    every second of this! LOVE the collection concealer, currently using it :)
    looking forward to meeting you friday :D xxx

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