1. *Jenna:* “Hey, Julian, do you wanna help me with a video?”
    *Julian:* “Will I have to wear make up?”
    *Jenna:* “Well, I dunno…”
    *Julian:* “I should probably wear make up.”
    *Jenna:* “I mean it’s not that important….”
    *Julian:* “I’ll wear make up.”

    Dude looks good in make up though, haha :P not gonna lie

  2. This is legit every single stupid beauty “guru” on YouTube. Ridiculous
    background music, annoying dumb blonde voice, and piss poor makeup

  3. I totally approve of this, I tried it and MY LIPS ARE AMAZING. Now people
    in the streets confuse me with Kylie, it’s so amazing. 

  4. Not trying to troll, just being informative in a sciencey way. Well maybe a
    little trolling. Kylie likes big lips cause subconsciously she wants
    everyone to know she sucks penises real good. She wants us to know she’s a
    whore.. Wants to be a whore. FYI she gonna have to practice alot to be

  5. Jenna, you always make me laugh! I hope to one day also be able to impact
    lives through my channel. Always keep brightening people’s day by just
    being YOU, Jenna!

  6. Yoo who the fuck thinks Kyle is attractive, dude she’s like 100% plastic
    surgery, and why are big lips considered sexy. They just look awkward 

  7. OMG this was suuuuuch a useful video! That acid really made my lips a nice
    color after using it! My lips was like a nice bloody red color and
    EVERYBODY kept staring at them ;) Im sure they were jellyyyyy as heck!!
    thanks again jenna <3 YOU CHANGED MY LIIIFEEEE

  8. “Now your lips are so much fuller and ready for makeup, ama take this
    neutral lip liner and just lightly draw, a second pair of lips around my
    lips” LOL this was sooo funny!

  9. so….are there two kylie jenners? Because I’m seeing photos of one with
    tiny lips and one with big lips. Or is there just one fake kylie jenner?

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