1. You need a Pop-filter for your microphone :) So you don’t get this harsh
    sounds anymore. The look is very pretty on her by the way :) 

  2. Wendy looks great.. I have very oily and dry skin combination what kind of
    foundation or bb cream do you recommend?? Thanks in advance Dulce..

  3. WOW! This was sooo cool and so FUN to watch!!! I LOVE this!! I dont know
    any youtuber did a tutorial on a model and Im so glad you did its so fun
    and different :D D Love you Dulce! You’re makeup skills has always amazed
    me!! ♥♥♥

  4. Duh,I hate when someone says ”oh look,damn ,my face is red and its
    breaking out” and all you see is A FUCKING CLEAR,SMOOTH FACE. you dont
    get to tell that. People suffer from acne,scars,awful redness…and its so
    unfair just by listening to that. I wish I had her skin. Its good,you know.
    So no,yes skin is not red.

  5. This video is great you did a good job. Now I do want share my thoughts
    (nothing negative. I promise) 1. Once again the video was great. 2. makeup
    was awesome 3. I love how you went straight to the point of the video no
    “bla bla bla” don’t get me wrong some videos do need the “bla bla bla” but
    I think for this kinda videos you went straight to the point. Good job this
    is why I continue watching your videos 

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