1. That make up looks perfect and it’s actually easy for clumsy people like me
    to do! And ugh I’m still so in love with your hair, it’s PERFECT!

  2. your hair is what I attempt my hair to look like everyday but instead I
    look like I just rolled down a hill…

  3. Great Look <3 I'm already looking forward to my graduation this year :)
    Sadly we dont have Prom here in Germany!

  4. I LOVE HOW YOUR EYESHADOW MATCHES YOUR HAIR! you suit your hair colour so

    Eyebrows on fleek btw

  5. imma have to get all made up to go to the corner store instead, erbody
    knows i cant pull a date for prom.

  6. Why does she have a makeup line? She is 15.. No hate but on her age girls
    almost don’t even wear makeup

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