1. You know what would be nice to see in the “trick” section on this channel?
    Actual moves that can be used during a game. It doesn’t matter if they’re
    simple or not, the key is effectiveness. Even Ronaldo scaled back the
    trickiness of his tricks and became a better player because of it. Messi is
    the embodiment of simple moves that rely mostly on small touches and
    changes of pace. The first video on here that really goes back to basics
    will be a massive hit for sure. I mean, people think stepovers are very
    simple but there are many small variations (Messi’s stepover and shuffle is
    one of the simplest looking but is so effective).

  2. spero che il mio messaggio sia letto da +freekickerz . salve vorrei avere
    qualche consiglio per poter giocare meglio nel mio ruolo di portiere,
    vorrei avere validi consigli da esperti.

  3. TeamFreeKick 015
    Is a really Nice freekick channel
    Please check it out we have worked really hard for it
    If we can hit 30 subs that would be amazing thx

  4. +freekickerz Lately the skill moves you post are terrible for in game, I
    think most of the viewers agree that the reason we want to see these is to
    perform them in an actual match.

  5. Fuckin bad now one can do them only ronaldo / messi can do them bad skills
    theres no point of making skill montages if no one can do them or fuckin
    quit youtube you little cunts

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