1. Hey #SkillTwiners! :D We’re teaching you the Freestyle Skill ”Helicopter
    Flick” for you to learn! 20.000 likes would be fantastic! Comment what
    skill you want to learn next! :D – SkillTwins.

  2. ak si slovak a aj teba zlosti ze nieje ziadni slovensky youtuber ktory by
    natacal futbal pozri sa na nas kanal

  3. Hey guys u both hv helped me a lot by teaching those matchplay skills n nw
    i can also improve my freestyling frm ur tutorials…
    Great tutorial n in nxt i would like to see a tutorial of different types
    of around the worlds…
    Like abbas,lemmons n like that…
    Keep up ur good work

  4. Great video Josef and Jakob once again! If u like football and want to see
    more, check my channel. Would be more than happy if u subscribed and liked! :) 

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