1. What skill is your favourite, The #ElectroTurn or #SuperChop ? Comment
    your favourite one! :D – SkillTwins. 

  2. Wazzup #SkillTwiners! :D To inspire others to never give up their dreams is
    something that we love to do, so hope you can get inspired by this video!
    30.000 Likes would be fantastic! :D #SkillTwins

  3. Hey fans of skill twins!! We are a group of teens playing soccer having fun
    on YouTube! We started today and if you have anytime please take a look at
    our channel! If you don’t want to I completely understand,
    Thanks for reading!

  4. I wasn’t planning on trying out for my school’s team but my friends saw me
    doing some skills that I learned from you guys and they wanted me to try
    out so I did and I made it! The coach saw me do these awesome skills you
    guys taught me and now I’m a starter on the schools Soccer Varsity team!! I
    owe it all to you guys, so THAN YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!!

  5. +SkillTwins – Tutorials – Gameskills – Freestyle hey skilltwins just want
    to say you have made me progress so much that i have earned player of the
    year for my club because of YOUR skills and that i had scored 48 goals in
    22 games THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  6. I love your guys’ videos! I love playing football and I have never been
    good at keeping the ball from defenders. You guys help me with that. Once
    again, you guys are awesome. 

  7. You guys follow me on vine thanks and amazing video guys I’d love to see
    you playing pro one day! As they say dreams come true keep up the great

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