1. WAZZUP #SkillTwiners! :D 20.000 likes would be fantastic! We love to
    INSPIRE others, and we hope you enjoy to learn this SUPERCOOL skills!

  2. I hate it when people are like I have been here since 78k… What’s your
    point, does that make you better then any other subscriber?

  3. - SkillTwins, try to answer my question this. I am Brazilian and I follow
    you I wish you would put in your videos translation to English, que already
    will not understand WHAT you speak and the words written in ingle al do not
    understand nothing. Thank you try to do this. I used google translator to
    write this

  4. Hey! My name is Ian from IanTheFootballer! You don’t have to keep reading
    if you do not want to. I started up YouTube in January 2015. I have just
    under 100 subscribers already! I don’t care about how much subscribers I
    have.. I will always appreciate each and every one of them. I produce
    football content like : freekicks, skills, tutorials and much more! I would
    greatly appreciate if you check my channel out! Thank you so much <3

  5. I live doing tge circus aka to ppl thanks to yall ppl are now recognizeing
    me for what i love to do ! #SkillTwins

  6. You guys never fail to impress. Every time one of these videos comes up in
    my subscription box I head outside and try and learn the moves myself. I’ve
    become a much more skilled, confident, and all around better player thanks
    to you guys. Thank you! Keep it up! 

  7. Loving these Futsal Skills Videos Guys, My favourite is the #Shadowturn
    Quicker and More effective in my opinion. Insane Video Guys.

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