1. Nice! And it sounds like you have a cool wife. To be honest, I would
    hesitate asking my wife to download the PTU because she would probably
    download divorce papers after all I spent on ships.

    16 downvotes? WTF? Seems some people are so uptight they just can’t enjoy a
    video anymore.

  2. Amazing video- but may I please comment on your saying “WSAD” and not
    “WASD” :’D

    Come on guys please don’t tell me this is a thing. We’ve been saying WASD
    for a billion years(exactly that long)

  3. Oh man, this video was a instant sub. Great to see you’re enjoying it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Fother of Muck, this is fraking amazing! I (generally) avoid the PTU, but
    it is so very tempting.

    My only complaint? Your ship seems to have a faulty canopy…

  5. don’t worry buddy the alpha, beta, demo or whatever this is isn’t big or
    open enough to spoil anything so have a blast.

  6. AAAAA……….AAAAAAAAA WHAT………. internal programming
    initializing………..must download ptu. must complete tutorials. great
    video but that barrel roll was weak lol.

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