1. Seeing a lot of comments asking for models of color, 40+, etc. If you
    haven’t seen my other videos – check them out! I have models from 12-50,
    male and female, and many nationalities (black, white, asian, middle
    eastern, and latina). Adding more ladies soon as well! Thanks for all the

  2. She looks stunning before and after ;) Agree with your stance on natural
    brows as well~ Instabrows aren’t for everyone :) 

  3. Beautiful and simple as always! :) Can I just say one thing? On3 thing I
    hate, is when people are like “Imma highlight the bridge of my nose and
    right on the tip of the nose to make it more buttony!” And then putting an
    ungodly amount of highlight on the tip (yeah there’s a dirty joke in there
    somewhere ;) ). I’m all for a great highlight, but some of these people
    look like Rudolph the Pearly Nosed Reindeer! You don’t do this obviously,
    but I just felt like I had to get that off my chest lol. I feel better. :) 

  4. Gorgeous look! I use the pink metal tattoo from Maybelline for my eyes
    lol….Welcome Sarah! Kisses to you and Jordan he is great <3

  5. OMG another masterpiece from Jordan, you never fail to amaze me.. can you
    do a video on contouring for plus size models. thanks Jordan. Big fan of

  6. You’re so sincere Jordan! I love just watching your videos not only because
    you are incredibly talented but you are just an all around great person.
    Grounded and humble. Can’t wait to see you grow even more! 

  7. Beautiful!!!! I love the make up and the result in her skin! Imma get all
    my make up looks inspired by you. Classy, not too much makeup , elegant and
    wao! Love love love! You have a Big follower from Puerto Rico! 

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