1. Hi beautiful, yea u! Listen your worth the world no matter what people say
    don’t let any bully or even a friend push you down! Your worth a millon
    dollars don’t waste a successful life because of what is happening you will
    get through it no matter if it was a bad day or depression. Keep
    acomplishing your dreams, you do u!

  2. Hey Chloe, this is Bec from Australia. My daughters & I just love you and
    think you’re a really lovely girl. Are you happy at your new studio?

  3. Chloe, your résumé is growing bigger by the day. From staring in music
    videos to assisting in VIP dance events to now teaching dance combos. The
    sky’s the limit for you! 

  4. :) you are getting so grown up! time flys feels like just yesterday was
    watching you on the first season of DM, Glad you see you off doing your own
    thing, you needed that to grow as a dancer. Cant wait to see you on SYTYCD
    one day :) 

  5. Loved it! Im injured right now and had to take a break from dancing. I was
    doing hiphop/street and house. I would really like to start something
    higher in technique so what would you reccomend? Like jazz, contemporary,
    lyrical etc? I used to do ballet when i was younger :) it would mean alot
    if you could help me out! Xo greeting from Finland 

  6. +Chloe Lukasiak I love to see you dance , I see that every day improvements
    more and more, you are a beautiful , talented and wonderful dancer, always
    gives his best, to achieve all that you propose, sige later Chloe , you’re
    a great dancer

  7. You’re so amazing, Chloe! You’ll definitely go far! :) (Although you’ve
    already gone quite a ways already!)

  8. You should dance to a song by Selena Gomez, called ,” The Heart Wants What
    It Wants.” Not much people like Selena but I think it would be a great song
    to dance to. If you haven’t you should please check it out!! Oh and I
    wanted to let you know whenever I am sad I watch your solo called Dream On
    A Star. That solo just warms my heart!!

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