1. I commented about ur eyebrows in the last video,and some girls got insane
    !! Now i hope u know what I mean, these are her eyebrows and how stunning
    she looks now when she kept them natural not like it used to be

  2. You look absolutely beautiful I love your makeup look so neutral… Can u
    tell me where did u get your hijab from? 

  3. “I have a giant forehead” lol, you don’t :) love the whole look, you look
    great with the lipstick even without the lipgloss, the colour is great! I
    wish I was as good as you with the eyeliner though haha. Those eyelashes
    are wow! :O You’re lovely without makeup too, love to see you natural,
    mashaAllah <3 And thanks for your vids and staying with us! X salam :) 

  4. if you use the anastasia pencil for your entire brow then it will finish
    fast :( you can just use it to you outline then use a powder to fill in,
    that will make it last longer :) 

  5. Nice tutorial. You already have beautiful skin, face n lips. Please don’t
    put too much make up. Remember, woman and hijab = modesty. Just share my
    humble opinion. Thanks. 

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