1. O.O Bryan in the beginning of this video reminded me of a clown and now I’m
    scared D: but I still love you <3

  2. Bryan’s t-shirt only proves
    Even though there’s no more My Chemical Romance **sobs**
    Us Killjoys carry on, live on their legacy, and will never die

  3. Oh my gosh this is hilarious!!!
    oh and what makeup doe johnnie use for his purple stripe under his eye? it
    looks so good!
    And brian looks kind of like jeff the killer

  4. when they were painting bryans face white and when he was wearing the mcr
    shirt I kept thinking of gerard way cx

  5. WHY IS EVERYONE DOING SOMETHING WITH MCR first its +veeoneeye playing it in
    the car then its an instagram account that I love AND NOW BYRANS WEARING A

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