1. Julie I never do this, but I need people’s help. My fiancé and I are
    getting married in October…we’ve had some financial setbacks so we’ve had
    to cancel some things in our wedding. One of the things we can’t afford is
    a honeymoon. We entered this contest where if you get the most amount of
    Facebook ‘likes’, that we could win a free honeymoon! Unfortunately I have
    no idea how to get a lot of likes, so I thought that I may receive some
    help from you and your lovely subscribers? I’ll post the link below…it
    only takes 1 second, just ‘like’ the picture. If it’s not too much to ask,
    my fiancé and I would desperately appreciate it! Much love to you all! <3


  2. i do loved your liquid eyeliner, i just ordered another black and brown
    ones , the blue ones were out of stock. i also ordered the backstage
    collection eyeshadow as well but wished it didn’t take so long to arrive.
    can you do a demo on how to use your blue liquid liner as well as the
    eyeshadow , that would be awesome. thanks !

  3. Love the lashes. Wish I knew how to apply false lashes, I struggle so much.
    Lol, you should see me applying them , I end up with some pretty whisky
    EYEBROWS (yes eyebrows)

  4. I’m so bad at putting on lashes one time I cried because of pure
    frustration! It was silly but man its hard for me! And they’re so pretty
    but oh well. Took me like 2 years to master liquid liner. Girl problems

  5. I think gunner looks really pretty with the red liner u used. I wore gunner
    the other day with my colourpop liner in leather which is pretty dark
    purple. I feel like it looks prettier in the shade it is on u. It was super
    blue purple on me. I’m totally doing that eyeshadow look! It looks perfect
    wth gunner. ;) love it thanks Julie!

  6. Julie I love your videos!!! Can you do a video on your freelance makeup kit :) Id love to see what you have and what products you like to use on your

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