1. Yet another great video!
    Btw where do u buy ur black opal stick foundation, I’m a NW45 and I find it
    difficult to find a contour colour in a powder/cream… So I’m hoping black
    opal will have a dark enough shade I can use for contouring. 

  2. did you just laugh at your joke? hehehehehe…highlight makes me feel like
    that too. It’s my inner drag queen being happy!

  3. I hate that I missed this palette over the holiday…all of my stores are
    sold out and it’s not available online and they said it’s limited edition
    so it’s not coming back:( 

  4. Thank you soooooo much for using the pantome palette to show us how to use
    them i also just bought the constalscent revealed 2 hehehe love you lovely

  5. I have waiting for this since the first post on Instagram! I love it sooo
    much!! Once again you slayed and beat!! 

  6. I’m not sure if you have one because I haven’t seen it. But can you do a
    video of how you remove your makeup or let me know if there already is one?

  7. YAAAASSSSSSSSS HONEY!!! Slayed to the Gods. Gurl your face is soooo beat
    ohhh when u placed that highlighter gurl oh lord… lawwwwdd. Just
    beautiful, bloody gorgeous

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