1. As the builder of the Rich Man’s House I shall say thank you to developers
    and its a true honor to have my house previewed in the official tutorial!


  2. Does grass grow/will it in future versions? Say for example I built a dirt
    path through the woods to a cottage, would it eventually become overgrown?

    If so, as a thought, what if it were made in a future version so regular
    vehicle/foot traffic over grass eventually causes it to die and results in
    foot paths and wheel ruts forming?

  3. A shining example in the games industry. Keep it up Keen. You’ve managed to
    do great things with two games. Others should follow your example.

  4. @MedievalEngi if the game only had a story-line, sandbox interactive game
    play like Elders Scroll V : Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V,IV games. We would
    be looking at the next future of gaming. So far this looks like were all
    game developers should be heading at while making new titles.

  5. Bought the game ! Had some major problems but i got a really quick answer
    and everything works now. Have been up all night building my castle. And
    the soundtrack…. it is perfect

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