1. You should definitely do a natural makeup look! I would love to see what
    your take is on it since you’re usually very glam! Does anyone else agree? 

  2. Ok. I tried that tip for my eyeliner. Still doesn’t help my issue. My
    lashes are so curly that they touch my lids. It is SO difficult to apply
    eyeliner. My left lashes are curlier. Any ideas? Fyi. I love your hair
    color. I screen captured some pics off instagram to take to my stylist lol.
    What colors are used?

  3. UGGGHHH I am SOO glad to have you back. I love when you let your goofy,
    playful personality show through. It’s why I started watching you and
    Desi. I’ve learned so much from you two :P I hope you are doing well and
    I’m glad to have you back :) 

  4. Hi Chrisspy! One of your greatest tutorials ever as you explained a few
    techniques as you went along. Super- helpful and I loved this look… It
    looks beautiful on you!
    I would love to see a tutorial on both “Everyday” and “No Makeup-makeup”
    looks… both would be very useful in my life :-)
    Also, please keep us informed on the eyelash growth preparation that you
    used on your lashes.
    I hate false eyelashes due to the fact they look like I applied them with
    my toes :-} (not kidding, it’s bad! lol)
    soooo mascara is the way of life for me…
    I would just love to have longer lashes to apply it to :-)
    Thank you for your wonderful videos!

  5. Anyone have any brush recommendations for using with the dip brow? I’m
    using an elf angled brush right now and it’s too wide for my preference.

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