1. Thanks so much Nee! :) Your vids are grrat! *Thumbs Up! LOL and 1 question
    what are good hairstyles for schools? And your so lucky, how can you get
    your hair accurate together,smooth and long? I admire you so much! :3

  2. Why are you using a reverse fishtail braid? how would it look with the
    regular one? Or even the old fashioned 3 strand braid?
    Thank you for sharing Nee, love u <3

  3. Another to combine braids is to stich them with a big, blunt needle and a
    thread that matches your hair. When you want to take it out, just tug at it
    a few places, cut it carefully, and you can pull the pieces out. Janet
    Stephens has some great tutorials on that.

  4. cool!!! looks difficult at first! but when i already watched the
    tutorial,its so easy! thanks for another idea! thumbs up!!!

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