1. Okay so I have fine hair on my face and I moisturize like hell but get
    cakey and flakey every time I put on foundation. Is it the light or WHY on
    earth does your skin look so good? I was staring at your face the whole
    time now :D Not only you but on other youtubers too. What the heck is wrong
    with my face? haha

  2. Just a suggestion you probably won’t leave, but I like seeing recreated
    looks side by side in makeup tutorials!! Maybe it’s just me but it would be
    awesome if you could put the inspiration photo next to your recreations! :)
    love you Nikkie! xx

  3. LOLLL A SICK rabbit!!!!!! Just Hilarious!! I love your sens of humour!!!
    Thanks a llllllot….I needed that laught ;-) Big hug from Canada!!!

  4. Only putting the high light on the bridge of my nose. Next scene the tip of
    your nose is glowing lol we know you can’t skip that step girl!

  5. I love Nikkie! shers super talented, funny and sweet!… but I really don’t
    like those intro moments with the weird poses! It seems a little bit
    pretentious… (no intention to offend or disrespect, just my opinion)

  6. What’s hotter than Channing Tatum??? Channing Tatum with wings!!! Hubba
    hubba. Awesome tute, Nikkie! But you didn’t say how you managed to get the
    rhinestone to stick, is there some special glue for the lips? Ta x

  7. Can you please do ” If I could only wear one makeup look for my whole life
    this would be it” video?? All your looks are so diverse I would love to see
    what your absolute FAVE has been and why. xxxx

  8. Nikkie, there are many of your videos I have rewatched because you
    tutorials are one the best in the business…… but let’s be honest about
    this video. I AM ADDICTED TO THAT SICK INTRO!!!!!!!!! The intro and editing
    of the intro was almost better than the tutorial. If you could list the
    song you used for your intro that would be epic. Anyways awesome job as
    always, keep up the great work :D 

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