1. 2:18

    As the official Skelly King, I approve of this banner and I will probably
    use it somewhere in the future :D

    (My in game name is actually Skelly_King)

  2. A picture of sunflower
    /give @p minecraft:banner 1 0

  3. /give @p minecraft:banner 1 0
    what do you think of this volcano I could go crazy sharing designs but I am
    just sharing this one don’t want to spam with every design I can come up
    with when inspiration hits it hits like a truck

  4. I suggest that you spell the “bitter” with one ‘t’ because the word bitter
    means something is not sweet. The real word bitter is pronounced
    differently from how you said in the video. But if you did keep it it would
    still be cool because it is a big mouth, and bitter describes the way
    something tastes

  5. Ahh! I was excited when this came out (I’m playing on a survival server and
    we all have banners except for me) and I am 10000% using the bunny one! My
    skin is a bunny anyways. ((:

  6. /give @p minecraft:banner 1 0

  7. So many fancy banners you’ve got this round! I’ve made the biter before;
    The spikes along the top and bottom always scream teeth to me. The Devil
    Diglets may be able to double as a Domo Monster and the Treeman might
    greatly represent an Iron Golem given the right colors.

    I gotta say my favorites of this group have got to be the Dark Demon and
    the Evil Eyes. I think having white Evil Eyes would have more of an effect
    on someone going into a dark room. In fact ZombieCleo might be able to use
    the latter if she hasn’t made made a banner for HermitCraft just yet.

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