1. BTW: some redstone smarties have since compacted this on the plotworld
    server, so its possible to make it even smaller! :-) 

  2. Could someone please help me?

    I’m in need of a contraption that only turn on a signal at full moon. Is
    there a bettee way of doing it rather than counting each night?


  3. Xusumavoid: random question. I know this is highly unlikley, but its
    possible. just well of course unlikley. What if the players hit the buttons
    at the absolute exact same time? say in that test both repeaters on the
    same tick delay.

  4. Oh wow. Yesterday I recorded a video of me making the same mechanic. Just
    different designs, My design just had too piston facing into each over with
    buttons above them, two blocks apart with a redstone block in between.
    Depending on which button get’s clicked first the redstone block would move
    too one side or the other :)

    I also made a second design which detects if the buttons are pressed at the
    same time as well as first XD

  5. I don’t think this is a fair test. Chances are its very likely that in
    something as intense as a gameshow, both people would have pressed the
    button at the same time. And because of that, the result would be bias the
    position of the players because I redstone updates are directional.

  6. How to watch Xisuma’s videos:
    1: Click the link to the video
    2: Like the video as the ad plays
    3: Watch the video and enjoy

  7. Couldnt you just of taken a redstone output from the buttons into a command
    block with the command set : /say BLUE TEAM answer ?

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