1. The repeater that’s on 4 ticks there actually only needs to be on 3 ticks :-) And I actually already made a video + tutorial about this one ;-) 

  2. hey X an idea to make this even better, after you explain how it works,
    instead of demonstrating it, you could do some editing to make it go of in
    slow motion. so everyone can clearly see when everything happens, just an

  3. Hey +xisumavoid could you do a tutorial of this trapdoor linked to the
    elevator that you have on Hermicraft please. By the way great videos keep
    up the good work and thanks for all this hours of entertainment.

  4. Quick idea, X. I know you got burned out on Modsauce, because there was a
    lot of stuff, but no inspiration. KingDaddyDmac is planning on making a
    small pack with fewer mods. I really think you should talk with him about
    it, because I
    LOVE watching you play nodded Minecraft.

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