1. I wonder how long it will take for someone to attempt to build it, do it
    wrong and then return here to rage at you :P Classic response to the larger
    tutorials haha :-) 

  2. Oh, Mumbo… dear, sweet Mumbo…. I spent 13 hours collecting the
    resources and attempting to build this in my survival world, but constantly
    messing it up because I had to switch between that world and the download
    for reference….


  3. Nice video – slime block doors definitely are cool, in their own way. I
    think to make this better you could first make it smaller, but then remove
    the obsidian in the walls as it looks out of place. That said, it’s
    appreciated that you push the surrounding blocks back out with regulars.
    Oh, and for future reference and to avoid confusion, this is not a vault
    door; it’s a funnel.

  4. Hey Mumbo! Love the video! I’ve been building along with the video but I
    seem to have run into an issue. Right around 8:00 where I replicate the
    side slimeblock piston and redstone, for some reason it doesn’t work. I did
    the first side with the video and it worked fine. I then copied it
    perfectly to the other side and for some reason the pistons extend a second
    a time after retracting, causing the door blocks to not fully retract into
    the wall. I rebuilt that side to try to fix it but it still has the same
    problem. Is it a random game mechanic, or is there some obvious fact that
    I’m missing? I know it’s not the tutorial’s fault (unlike some people), but
    any help from you or others would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  5. Hey mumbo,

    Could you please make a good (seemless beside the dispenser) made the
    enderpearls one. But i would realy be delighted if you could make one…

    Btw ive tried cubehamsters desigm and serval others but most are

  6. Mumbo. i love this video and i love your content but PLEASE this door is a
    6×6 FUNNEL door not a VUALT door. PLS PLS PLS take notice of this. its
    really starting to anoy me. otherwise. nice job

  7. You have my favorite intro/outro designs! Good animation, Great Music, and
    a Short timer, other you tubers need to learn from you!

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